College Advising

College Advising

Support at Compass

Compass High School offers individualized, supportive college advising to students and their families. Compass fosters a college-bound culture, and students are encouraged, even as freshmen, to consider college as a genuine opportunity for them. At the same time, students are made aware that college is only one of their options. Structured programs to help young adults make the transition to work life are equally valued. Whatever the student’s chosen path, the Compass college advising program can help.

Early in their high school career students and their families are invited to information nights where they learn about the transition to college from advisors as well as high school graduates. Students meet regularly with a college advisor and these meetings increase in frequency as students progress through the Compass program. They learn about updating psychological testing, and SAT and ACT testing accommodations. They receive guidance on how to approach the search and complete college applications. Compass’s sen college advising program also includes local campus visits and presentations by college representatives.

Support after Graduation

At Compass High School we realize that getting into college is often not the biggest challenge for students with learning differences. For many students, staying in college is a bigger challenge than gaining admission. With that in mind, Compass will offer individualized support during the first year of college. Retention services are available to students privately once they’ve graduated. These services can help make the transition from Compass High School into the college setting an easier one.

Working one-on-one in individually designed sessions that take place on the college campus, students will learn about how to access the services they need at the college level. Students will also learn to organize and budget their time, communicate effectively with professors, set personal and academic goals, and take advantage of the support available at the college level.

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