Student Support Bay Area

Student Support Bay Area

Specialized Courses

Compass offers specially designed courses that promote the development of essential skills: reading, writing, math, study skills, social skills, and life skills. Not all of these courses are necessary for every student, so students only need take the courses that are a fit for their learning profile. These courses include:

Reading Skills 1

This intensive course focuses on strengthening reading fluency and decoding. A reading specialist works with small groups of students using an Orton-Gillingham-based reading program and provides computerized fluency practice and other assistive technology tools to increase reading efficiency.

Reading Skills 2

This intensive course focuses on strengthening reading fluency and reading comprehension. A reading specialist strengthens reading comprehension using Lindamood Bell, an emphasis on nonfiction, vocabulary development, self-monitoring, questioning strategies, text structures, and promoting inference and analysis. The course includes computerized skills practice as well as assistive technology.


This intensive course is designed to ensure that students master basic skills of written language (sentence, paragraph, and essay writing), use the writing process, revise and edit, research and cite their sources. Students learn to use graphic organizers and assistive technology to facilitate written expression.

Math Skills

For students with math disorders and difficulty with number sense and basic math concepts, this intensive course focuses on filling in the gaps in basic math skills, teaching the language of mathematics, problem solving, and organization in math. Computerized practice is used to augment instruction.

Learning Strategies

This course focuses on self-awareness, helping students to understand their learning differences and learning styles, develop strategies for learning, and advocate for the help they need. The course focuses on note-taking, organization of time and materials, test-taking and studying, and computer literacy.

Social Skills

In this course, students learn to be flexible in their relationships and routines. They practice team-building through hands-on activities, work on pragmatic language and etiquette, and learn to manage interactions and relationships. A specialized sex education curriculum is also part of the course.

Life Skills

In this course, students learn essential skills to live independently, handle household routines and succeed in the world of work . They will focus on how to operate effectively in their community and handle money. They will also learn some of the legal issues that are important as they approach adulthood. Students will also go through a vocational and interest assessment, learn about 21st century career options and their requirements, practice job search and social skills on the job.

Student Support Bay Area Services

Our philosophy at Compass is that students should have access to high-quality services – including student support – in the school building. This achieves several goals. It decreases the logistical challenges of traveling to appointments in the community. Our specialists also work closely with classroom teachers so that the entire treatment team is working consistently with students, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the services.

We offer the following services:

Speech and Language Therapy

Our SLP oversees pragmatic language group and pushes into classrooms to strengthen students’ language development and train teachers. For students who require individual speech and language therapy focusing on expressive and receptive language, this service is available for an additional fee.


We offer group therapy which focuses on helping students develop coping skills, establish friendships, deal with the challenges of adolescence, and develop advocacy skills. Individual psychotherapy is available on site for an additional fee.

Occupational Therapy

An occupational therapist pushes into classrooms to assist students in developing gross and fine motor skills. Our OT consults with teachers, focusing on students’ ability to develop independent living skills and use technology. Individual OT services are available on site for an additional fee.

Educational Therapy

Compass’s program is designed to provide students with an educational program that is individualized and intensive. Because of our small class size and academic skills courses, most students don’t require one-on-one tutoring. However, for students who need individual educational therapy, this service is available on-site for an additional fee.


Advisory Program

Every student at Compass an Advisor with whom he or she meets every day. Advisory groups are small, usually five students or fewer. The main focus of the Advisory Program is organization and homework. Students are prompted to use their planners, assisted in planning their homework schedule, and provided daily follow up on their homework completion. Advisors also stay in close contact with parents, tracking homework, attendance, and success in their courses and opening up lines of communication with families.