Bay Area High School for Learning Differences

bay area high school for learning differences

Welcome to our Bay Area High School for Learning Differences

Thank you for your interest in Compass High School. Compass is a private Bay Area high school specifically designed for students with learning difficulties. We are already in our second year of operation, providing a unique and innovative education to a wonderful group of students.

Our school provides an educational haven for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. These students and their parents know in their hearts that they have the potential to excel in school and in life, but often have struggled to succeed in traditional learning institutions.

Compass has a very specific and passionate mission: to provide a first-rate high school for students with learning differences. Our goal is to guide, strengthen, and inspire our students. We give our students the educational and social skills necessary to succeed in high school and beyond. We strengthen the abilities that they have – and that are sometimes hidden beneath their differences. And we inspire them to be the best they can be as they leave high school and enter the next phase of their lives, whether that be finding a job or going on to college.

We know that, to be successful, a school must create an environment where students feel safe and comfortable, where they look forward to being every day. Compass is a nurturing environment, yet challenges the students to achieve beyond expectations: to accomplish this we personalize our program and curriculum to suit each student’s learning style and unique potential. 

This is a critical and exciting time in the life of Compass High School. Our founders are a small, hard-working band of visionaries. We have consulted with curriculum experts and visited both California and East Coast schools to strengthen our academic program. We have recruited talented teachers who are trained in strategies that are scientifically proven to work and who are committed to best practices in the field of education. We believe that learning starts with an authentic connection between teacher and student, based on trust, mutual responsibility, and support.

We have many small and large tasks ahead: continue to fundraise to complete the start-up phase of our school and to add exciting programming for our students; expand our enrolment and usher our first class of graduates, the class of 2016, into adulthood; and to complete renovations of our beautiful campus. But we have progress and momentum on our side. One never accomplishes this kind of venture alone and we are eager to expand our group of founders and supporters. I know from having founded another school for students with learning differences how fulfilling it is to be part of the pioneering group. Our founding students and faculty have a chance to be leaders in their school and to shape it with their ideas and voices. For parents and supporters, this is important, creative work. This bay area high school for learning differences will become a renown institute in California, offering the most customized and supportive education experience to your child.

I invite you to read through our website and contact us.

Rachel Wylde, M.Ed

Founding Executive Director