Tom Bendon

Math Teacher

Tom teaches Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 at Compass High. He has worked in an array of academic settings over his decade of teaching, but has been increasingly passionate, for the past several years now, about working with students who learn differently. Before joining Compass, Tom taught at the Sterne School, a school in San Francisco specifically serving junior high and high school students with learning differences. While there, Tom led the crafting and consolidation of the high school Math program.

Tom has a Bachelor’s Degree from Wesleyan University and a MBA from the California College of the Arts. This MBA emphasized ‘Design Strategy,’ highlighting the powerful benefits of a ‘human-centered design thinking’ approach when working to create, deliver, and capture value. He most enjoys drawing upon these unique skillets when tackling complex challenges of all sorts- from creating novel, engaging lesson plans to creatively overcoming issues of school program growth and evolution. He is committed to raising the ‘creative confidence’ of all students by introducing and exploring rigorous content through a range of modalities, turning on many of the students’ ‘multiple intelligences.’ In addition to building content mastery for students, Tom seeks to grow their intellectual curiosity and to foster respect for their own learning processes. When he is not jumping around a classroom, he is very often taking a hike with his daughter. He also really likes to mountain bike and rock climb.