Trips For Students With Learning Differences


Trips For Students With Learning Differences

Having trips for students with learning differences can help tremendously with the overall learning and development of your child. Field trips and overnight trips are regularly scheduled to give students opportunities to extend and apply their learning in the community and the outdoors. From going to the bridge to going out on a nature discovery trip, your child will be safe in our hands.

These trips also encourage students to practice social and life skills, and to cement friendships with peers and teachers. We take care to structure and individualize the trips so all students can participate. The feedback we have received from these trips have shown us just how important it is to go out on field trips to keep our students motivated to learn and grow.


Upcoming Trips

As Compass High School continues to grow, we plan on increasing our number of trips every year. Watch this space for upcoming trips for the 2016-17 school year.

Contact us for more information on the available trips.