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Welcome  Families,

Compass High School was founded by a group of parents who were looking for a school that could work with their students in a different way. A school that created a safe, nurturing environment while challenging students at the same time. A school that saw the humanness in every student and family. A school flexible enough to build around students’ strengths while supporting learning challenges. 

Our students tell us they leave more confident and ready for the next challenge. We explicitly teach learning skills fostering confidence so students can take risks. We teach resilience so students can bounce back from mistakes. We inspire true independence so students can learn and grow their entire life.  

Our faculty are dedicated to unlocking the potential of every student. We partner with parents and families to make sure we capture the duality of our students’ learning experience both at school and at home. We know every student learns differently and that teaching should be as focused on strengths as it is on challenges. 

Please explore our website and feel free to reach out and learn what makes Compass High School a collaborative, supportive, college prep program for students that learn differently and how your student could thrive here.  

Best wishes,

Doug Killin
Head of School