March 4, 2022

Dear Compass Community,

I am so excited to share the news of our move to the campus of Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont. NDNU has a wonderfully rich history of providing excellent education to students on the Peninsula and beyond. We are very excited to be on their beautiful campus and moving Compass into Cuvilly Hall.

The move allows us to expand and enhance our wonderful programs. We have more space to provide for the school’s growth in one of the most beautiful settings on the Peninsula. Our Visual and Performing Arts program will have dedicated space to expand our offerings. Our sports program will have access to fantastic facilities and can continue to grow in options and competitiveness. The campus itself has a feel that breeds curiosity and reflection.

Our core values continue to stay focused on every student’s individualized learning. Accommodations and support remain integrated into our teaching as we concentrate on how students learn. We ensure a small student-to-teacher ratio. We get to know every student individually, allowing us to meet their learning needs while challenging their considerable strengths. Our nurturing teaching faculty make quality connections with students that lessen anxiety and foster a trusting learning atmosphere for all learners. We teach differently, meeting the students where they are while helping them grow in both skill and understanding.

Thank you as always for trusting us with your child’s education, and we look forward to the incredible opportunities the move to NDNU provides for our students. If you know of families that could also benefit from the Compass experience, please encourage them to contact us to learn more. 

Thank you,

Doug Killin

Head of School