One core component of the Compass program is our dedication to experiential learning. We believe that students need to learn by doing, moving, interacting, and creating. At Compass, we dedicate two weeks per year to engage in more intensive, hands-on, community-based experiences. The overarching goals of Intersession are to encourage students to try new things, get out of their comfort zones, have team building experiences, and learn in the outdoors and local community.

Here are the highlights of previous Intersession Programs:

  • A historically focused trip on local war memorials and artifacts
  • A team building ropes course looking out on the beautiful Pacific Ocean
  • A whale watching trip in Monterey focused on local marine biology
  • Tours of Boston and Washington, D.C. to study U.S. History in the places it was made
  • Local day trips on various themes such as music, food, aviation, social justice, and more.