AJ Castillo

PE and Spanish TEacher

AJ is excited to be joining the team and working with the amazing students at Compass High School. AJ has worked as an educator for the last four years in both high school and middle school settings. AJ attended San Jose State University and majored in Child and Adolescent Development to pursue his career in education. He also earned his Masters degree in Secondary Education. AJ has experience in teaching a wide variety of subjects and has his credential in Physical Education. This year AJ will be teaching Physical Education, Spanish and Contemporary Issues and Media. AJ will also be taking on the role of Athletic Director which oversees the after-school sports program. AJ is looking forward to challenging students academically in the classroom using different teaching strategies such as project based learning, small and large group collaboration, and reflective practices. AJ will also be challenging students’ physical abilities in P.E. while focusing on both individual and team sports to help develop students’ understanding in teamwork and unity when working towards a common goal.