Amy Hansel

History Teacher
I’m so excited to join the Compass High School family! I am a mother of three adult children, including two twice exceptional students. I have taught in many different settings, such as special education and small class-size rooms. I consider myself a life-long learner, I have taken several classes this summer including Race and Membership and teaching Social Studies through Inquiry. I’ve been passionate about history my entire life and I can’t wait to share this enthusiasm with your students. My goal in every class is to help create empowered global citizens by equipping your students with knowledge of history, geography, and academic skills. I want the students to be able to think critically and look at the world through many different lenses, especially those stories that aren’t traditionally told in history. To this end, we will be starting the year off looking at indigenous cultures and how they relate to our study of history, be it World, U.S. or Government. I am looking forward to teaching a Technology in the Classroom elective this year. This was my emphasis in my master’s program and I intend on engaging the students with several innovative units and applications, such as projects in Excel, including the opportunity to enter a data visualization contest, improving presentation skills, creating educational videos, and geospatial learning with ArcGIS, which also includes the opportunity to enter a Geo-Story contest.