Sharon Updyke

Math Teacher

Sharon Updyke graduated from Humboldt State University with a B.S., in Biology, and has been teaching children with Learning Differences for 13 years. She discovered her career while searching for educational support for her children, who both struggled in the learning environment, and returned to school to earn her Educational Therapy Certificate through UCSC Silicon Valley Extension in 2009. Much of her approach to learners with learning differences was developed while teaching at Developmental Learning Solutions in San Jose. She started taking Making Math Real classes in 2010 and has currently completed The 9-Lines Intensive; The 4-Operations and The 400 Math Facts; Fractions, Decimals, & Advanced Place Value; Pre-Algebra; Algebra I; Geometry; and Algebra II.

For the last 11 years, Sharon has taught privately in one-on-one and small group environments. She uses a multi-sensory and incremental approach to ensure that concepts are taught explicitly and support the student in developing a deep understanding of the math. In addition to building students’ math skills, Sharon has also supported students with their executive functioning, adapted learning, motivation, development of positive academic effect, comprehension, and writing skills. Sharon is excited to have the opportunity to work in a classroom setting and interact with all the students and staff at Compass High.