Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

Our philosophy at Compass High School is that, like so many other opportunities in a small school, athletics should be a rewarding experience that is encouraged for all of our students. Our goal is to offer athletic opportunities that are competitive but also inclusive. To that end, we have participated over the past three years in the Bay Area Small School Athletic League (BASSAL) which offers our students the ability to engage in athletic activities and games with local school peers. Recent sports have included Basketball, European Handball, Table Tennis, Dodgeball and Cross Country Running.

One benefit of the small school environment can be seen in the significant impact one student can have. Students who have a topic they are passionate about are highly encouraged to consider founding or promoting a club related to their interest here on campus. Additionally, Compass has partnered with other local schools to expand our club offerings and will be rolling out additional club opportunities in the 2017-2018 school year. Clubs are led by faculty advisors and usually meet once a week. Current club offerings include Student Government, Dance Club, International Club, Maker Club, and Literary Magazine/Creative Writing Club.

Experimental Learning

At Compass, we dedicate three weeks per year at the end of each quarter to engage in more intensive hands-on, community-based experiences. The overarching goals of our Student Life trips during these Intersession weeks are to push students to try new things, to get them out of their comfort zones, to provide team building experiences that will nurture closer relationships and support between students and with their teachers, to work on life skills and independence, to do community service, and to learn in the outdoors and in in our local community.

Nearly every day during Intersession, students hit the road to see the world. They have opportunities to get creative, to get dirty, and to have thrilling adventures. Here are the highlights of previous Intersession Programs:

  • A historically focused trip on local war memorials and artifacts
  • A teambuilding ropes course looking out on the beautiful pacific ocean
  • A whale watching trip in Monterey focused on local marine biology
  • An environmental-science trip to explore the ecosystem of Costa Rica
College Advising

Compass High School offers individualized, supportive college advising to students and their families. Compass fosters a college-bound culture, and students are encouraged, even as freshmen, to consider college as a genuine opportunity for them. At the same time, students are made aware that college is only one of their options. Structured programs to help young adults make the transition to work are equally valued. Whatever the student’s chosen path, the Compass college advising program can help.

Early in their high school career students and their families are invited to information nights where they learn about the transition to college from advisors as well as high school graduates. Students meet regularly with a college advisor and these meetings increase in frequency as students progress through the Compass program. They learn about updating psychological testing, and SAT and ACT testing accommodations. Students are provided with ACT prep classes on site by instructors who are experienced in the unique challenges of students with learning differences. Students receive guidance on how to approach the search and complete college applications. Compass’s college advising program also includes local campus visits and presentations by college representatives.


Our Transition Program helps each student find the right postsecondary opportunities. Whether the student intends to pursue a Bachelor’s degree, attend community college or a trade/technical school or enter the workforce upon graduation, Compass staff provide assistance in a variety of areas to ensure that the student is making the right choice and is fully prepared to succeed.


Students taking our Transitions course may have the opportunity to complete an internship in order to gain valuable job experience. Opportunities to work with children, animals, the arts, computers, or in retail or manufacturing environments, are just some of the internships that students may experience. Students will be supported throughout their internship and encouraged to meet and exceed all job expectations.