Student Life

Transition Program

Our Transition Program helps each student find the right postsecondary opportunities. Whether the student intends to enter the workforce upon graduation, attend a trade/technical school, to on to a community college or pursue a Bachelor’s degree, Compass staff provides assistance in a variety of areas to ensure that the student is making the right choice and is fully prepared to succeed.

Life Skills Courses

Students take Life Skills in their Junior or Senior year to help them to prepare for the work place and living independently. Students take part in an interest survey, learn about 21st century career options, and receive vocational training. Compass hosts panels of adults who give practical advice about the work environment. Students also learn valuable skills for living in the community.


Students are assigned to internships at a job sites in the community that are individually selected based on their interests. Opportunities to work with children, animals, the arts, computers, or in retail or manufacturing environments, are just some of the internships that students will experience. Students are required to complete 40 hours on the job site.

Community Service

Compass requires all students to complete 40 hours of community service in a  school-approved setting of their choice.  Whether collecting clothes or food for an international disaster relief fund, raising money for a cause, or volunteering at local service organizations, our students find that helping others is rewarding. There are opportunities to become an active contributor right here at Compass too. Students can run for Student Council office, start a business with their class, or volunteer as peer mediators.

College Counseling

Compass High School offers individualized, supportive college advising to students and their families. Please see College Counseling for information.