Compass High School is an innovative 9th – 12th grade program in the Bay Area that provides a multifaceted education for students with mild to moderate learning differences. Our students have a variety of learning profiles that may include dyslexia, dysgraphia, anxiety, ADHD and executive functioning challenges. While our experienced faculty and small class sizes provide needed support and accommodation for student challenges, we also take pride in helping to identify and cultivate our students’ individual areas of strength. Our supportive, individualized approach not only includes a college preparatory program, but also offers students and their families integrated services and support. We help students develop their full academic potential, critical learning strategies, social competence and self-advocacy, giving Compass High School graduates the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed.

Compass High School:
A College Preparatory Program Designed for Students with:

Dyslexia • Dysgraphia • Dyscalculia • ADHD • 2E • Anxiety

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Why Compass?

5-8 Students

Average Class Size

Experienced Faculty

Are Subject Area Specialists

Experiential Learning

Is a focus during 2 weeks of intersession

1:1 Laptop Program

Providing Assistive Technologies for Every Student

Intensive Multi-Sensory Remediation

Through our Distinctive Essential Skills Program


95% of Compass Graduates move on to Post-Secondary Education

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Our Students

Complex, motivated and invested in their education, Compass High School students are ready to tackle their learning differences and partner with their teachers and families to make the most of their high school years. While our students have varied interests and learning profiles, at Compass, our small class sizes and embracing environment invite our students to partner with us in building an accepting and encouraging school climate. Students find and build upon close friendships here at Compass. Their collective drive, curiosity, kindness and humor makes the Compass student a beacon to others, and illustrates why we consider our students to be one of our greatest differentiators.

Our Commitment

When we offer enrollment to a student, we do so with a deep understanding of that student’s unique profile and educational needs. We make a commitment to student success, by individualizing the educational experience so that each student can reach his or her academic potential and personal goals. This rarely comes easily for teenagers with learning differences, so we promise to leave no stone unturned in crafting and personalizing a program that will result in exceptional progress. Our aim is to build each student’s competency and – most important – a sense of self-worth.

Our Faculty

Our teachers approach their jobs by teaching the students, not the books or content. They go to great lengths to ensure that classroom instruction is relevant and engaging, addresses underlying academic skills, and provides opportunities for students to be creative and direct their own learning. We attract and retain talented and experienced teachers, and provide them with opportunities for professional development so that they can keep up on state-of- the-art education practices. All of our teachers have both special education training and content area expertise, and we pair them with faculty members with licenses and certification in speech and language therapy, educational therapy and counseling to create a strong treatment team approach. While 82% of our faculty hold master’s degrees, all are skilled and experienced teachers in their subject area and have a track record of success in diagnostic teaching and intensive remediation.

Clinical Services

As proof of our commitment to student success, every Compass High School student has an Individual Student Profile that guides our course. We use evaluation and testing data, learning styles, interests, and information about technology use to construct the best combination of instructional interventions and clinical services. We provide speech and language services, educational therapy, and counseling through specialized groups offered through our Essential Skills Program. Clinical services are also offered in Compass classrooms through a “push-in” model and through training and consultation to our teachers from our specialists. This robust, collaborative approach between educators and specialists is included in our basic tuition. Students who require individual psychotherapy, speech and language therapy, educational therapy, or occupational therapy can arrange to see our clinicians one-on- one or receive referrals for outside services.

Compass Overview